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Why should we serve your recording needs?

Specialization is important in any discipline and career. You wouldn't go to the dentist to get your eye exam done! In this same manner, our specialty allows us to provide the best and correct sound for you.

 Classical and jazz techniques are different from rock and pop. The right equipment along with our knowledge and experience will yield the optimal results for your recording.

Having the right equipment is crucial for any job. Our equipment allows us to capture the truest and most faithful representation of your work. 

 Our recordings immerse your audience in your performance as if they were in the best seat in the house, with all your techniques and ideas translated and undistorted. 

We travel to your location to capture your work in the acoustic space you find more suitable and pleasing for your performance. Why is this preferable for classical styles of music? 



a) The acoustic space is an integral part of the sound.



b) Recording facilities often cannot accommodate large ensembles in their rooms, resulting in techniques that don't truly capture the essence of the performance.





c) It's simply impractical to haul some instruments around. 

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