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Irving Aguirre




Master of Arts in Audio Science

Recording Arts and Sciences Practicum  

The Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University, 2013


Bachelor of Science in Engineering Mathematics and Statistics

Minor in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Minor in Music

The University of California, Berkeley, 2011




Studied under the instruction of Prof. David Wessel and Edmund Campion (Berkeley CNMAT),

Ed Tetreault, Scott Metcalfe, and A.T. Michael McDonald (Peabody JHU)

Masterclasses by David v.R. Bowles and Neil Dorfsman (Peabody JHU)

Micajah Ryan (Air House Music)


Professional development coursework completed through Wichita State University, Butler Community College, ThinkSpace Education, EdX, and Coursera.



Host Jazz Quartet Recording Workshop, Music Scene Andover, KS

Duke Tip Audio Science class

Advanced Learning Library Audio Science Workshop and Microphone Recording Workshop






Console Experience:

Neve 88RS,

Sony OXF-R3 (Oxford),

API 1608 (with automation),

Avid D-Command and C24.


Audio Engineering Society Member




Microphone locker:


AKG c414

AKG c414 EB (Brass Capsule, pair) 

AKG c414 B-Uls (pair)

AKG 451 E (ck1)

AKG 451 EB (ck22)

AKG 452 (ck1s)

AKG c422 (stereo microphone)

AKG D12e

Audix D6

Bruel and Kjaer 4006 (pair) with Rens Heijnis Mod

Flea 49

Neumann u67 (max 67)

Neumann u87

Neumann u87 ai

Neumann km 84 (pair) with 83 and 85 capsules


Sennheiser mkh 800

Sennheiser mkh 80 (pair)

Sennheiser md 441 (two matched pairs)

Sennheiser md 421 (x4)


Shure SM7 (USA, pair)

Shure sm57 (three)

Shure sm58 


Royer SF 2 (pair)

Upton c12




Millennia Media HV-3D-8

RME Micstasy

UA LA610




Genelec 8050 (three)

Genelec 8250 (pair)



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